All works are custom and handcrafted by George Sebastian in his New Jersey studio. See his portfolio of work.

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I’ve worked with George Sebastian from Sebastian Woodworking for over 10 years now. He is a true craftsman with a great eye for detail.

He is punctual and professional. I don’t think there has been one specialty finish he could not duplicate or create upon request. Referring him has been easy since all my clients in the past have given him rave reviews!

His cabinetry is well priced and an exceptional value for the beautiful masterpieces he creates! The only limitation you would have is your imagination . . . I’m confident George Sebastian from Sebastian Woodworking will exceed your expectations!


Sally Bacarella

Bacarella Interiors
Interior designer for over 24 years


George Sebastian is without question the finest craftsman I have ever encountered.

He is solely responsible for the massive amount of fine woodworking throughout my 14,000 sq. ft. home. His work is perfect right down to the last detail; but beyond that he is accommodating to even the most demanding needs. His prices are the best among the craftsmen of his caliber with whom I have talked to on the east coast.
I give George Sebastian my finest most enthusiastic endorsement, and am sure that if you choose to have him build or design one of his heirloom quality pieces, it will provide you with years of pleasure as it has me.


Toms River Client

There are no words to express our thanks for the great job you did on the cabinets in our family room. They have quickly become the focal point of our entire home and have thoroughly impressed all who have seen them.

As you well know, while we were focused on having something beautiful made for the room, we could not at the same time say exactly what it should be. That’s why we are so grateful for all the creative and artistic talents you brought to this project which assured us there was no way you were going to have us make any mistakes. It actually became fun to see the cabinets taking shape and emerge as the beautiful and unique furniture which we are now so proud to have in our home.

Please feel free to call on us if at any time we can help relate our great experience with you on this project.

-Reference Available Upon Request


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