George Sebastian was born in 1957 to a Spanish artist in a small German town. He grew up surrounded by a rich culture and atmosphere full of inspiration for the arts.

Now living in New Jersey, George is the sole proprietor of Sebastian Woodworking where he has carried over his cultural background into his love for woodworking.

All works are one-of-a-kind and handcrafted by George Sebastian in his New Jersey studio.

“I firmly believe in the skills of the craftsmen from yesteryear. These custom traditions have taught me patience and respect for the woodworking trade. I have acquired these skills through many years of research and my constant desire to create with wood. Through the years, the craftsman of yesteryear have been rapidy overrun by the high-tech world of mass-production, leaving behind the antiques of tomorrow. I promised myself that with every creation, I use the skills and knowledge of a true craftsman. In doing so I will try to create the antiques of tomorrow,” George Sebastian.

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